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Learn to understand, analyse and meet the threats posed by increasing cyber-attacks in today's connected world.



“The potential for the next Pearl Harbor could well be a cyber-attack”

Leon Panetta

According to CISCO, 50 billion devices would be connected to the internet by 2020. In today’s hyper-connected world, security of information on machines, in databases and online is of the highest priority. Increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks are not just disrupting information flow and interrupting services, they are putting valuable information and precious mobile/computing assets at risk.


CYBERSECURITY brings together technologies, algorithms and programming techniques to defend systems & information against cyber-attacks. The complex nature of these skills has made them the domain of the best minds and the supply demand gap for professionals is now unprecedented.


Key applications of Cybersecurity include:

  • Cyber Threat Management & Cybersecurity Improvement through Application Testing
  • Cybersecurity Incident Response & Management across Verticals
  • Prevention of Fraud & Financial Theft in Banks & Financial Services
  • Online Intellectual Property Protection
  • Protection of Military & Government from Cyber Attacks


Every connected device is prone to cyber-attacks and this has made Cybersecurity one of the most critical jobs in the world – governments, MNCs, corporates need highly trained people that offer security services.


salary data: payscale.com




  • Best-in-Class Instructor Driven Learning
  • Real-world Projects
  • Career Guidance & Assistance
  • Industry Internships


The certificate program in Cybersecurity aims to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and the practical application of information systems. The program features 16 weeks of:

  • Intensive classroom learning to instill rigor, knowledge, technical know-how and an overall perspective of Cybersecurity
  • Real-world exposure in SPJ-HT’s in-house ‘Cloud Lab’ to gain practical experience
  • Dynamic case studies, classroom discussions, projects and in-depth industry analyses to strengthen the participant’s ability to harness online resources and develop strategies to maximize marketing efforts.

The academic component will be followed by an 8-week industry internship that will help translate the knowledge gained in the first part of the program into actual real-world strategies, the outcome of which will contribute substantially to the achievement level of the learner in the program.

Strategic Skills Track

  • Module 1: Introduction to Data Security, Overview & Basic Techniques
  • Module 2:Advanced Data Security, Advanced Algorithm Analysis & Design
  • Module 3:Advance Cryptography

Programming Track

  • Module 4:Security Programming Practices
  • Module 5:Apply Programming Languages to Apply, Enhance Security Concepts

Lab Track

  • Module 6:Introduction to Programming Languages(Assembler,Perl,JS)
  • Module 7:Introduction to Programming Languages (C, Adobe, Python)
  • Module 8:Introduction to Programming Languages ( VB, JAVA, SQL)
  • Minimum composite GRE score of 310 or a qualifying score on SPJ’s Internal CBT
  • Computer Science Degree (Engineering or Regular) with over 1 year of experience
    • Non CS Grads & Freshers with relevant programming experience can also apply
  • Graduate GPA of 2.7 or higher on a 4-point scale or equivalent
  • Working knowledge of a high-level, general-purpose programming language (preferably C++) and of data structures
  • Knowledge of Mathematics, specifically Calculus

On completion of the program, students will have developed a world-class skill set in their selected technology domain that provides ‘Employability Enhancing’ skills and capabilities. It is expected that the program will substantially increase the earning potential and compensation benchmarks of the student.

Candidates can expect to be hired in positions such as:

  • Information Security Analyst
  • Information Security Officer
  • Senior IT Auditor
  • Incident Response Engineer
  • Cyber Security Consultant

Salaries for these profiles are on an average 95% higher than Software Programmer jobs with a similar background and experience


Program Fee: INR 600,000

Certification Fee : INR 150,000

Total Fee: INR 750,000 (plus Applicable Taxes)


Laptop Fee: At Actuals (or provide your own as per specification)

Classroom Learning and Exposure

Set within the traditional definitions of a classroom, participants are exposed to interactions with specialists and experts in their technological domain. These include both world-class professors and industry leaders who have predominantly worked in the technology space. Participants are expected to discuss varied case studies highlighting both successes & failures in their domains.

Simulated and Real-time Development (Assignments) in the ‘Cloud Lab’

Conceptualize and develop real time solutions and programs in for selected real-world business scenarios. In conjunction with requisite software, hardware & other tools, students operate in the ‘Connected Cloud’ which brings together a virtual & physical lab environment to provide unhindered space & time for executing their assignments. Panels of industry experts are drawn from several fields who will also support and mentor them throughout the course of the program.

The Industry Internship is a key element of the program that allows students to translate their learning from real world scenario based assignments to an actual real world execution of concepts and ideas.

Students complete the Industry Internship:

  • Students, individually or in teams, pick an industry vertical and product category and create a proposal for a project execution
  • Using the techniques and concepts learnt in the classroom, they are expected to deliver an actionable solution or program for their companies.
  • The company shall judge the success of their deliverables on the basis of milestones that are preset at the start of the internship
  • SPJ will leverage upon its Corporate Relations network to setup internships for students on a best effort basis. However, this is an additional component, if delivered by SPJ, and is not a guaranteed part of the program.