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Develop the cutting-edge skills needed to pursue a career in the fascinating area of computer graphics



“We are making a long term bet that Virtual, Immersive & Augmented Reality will become a part of people’s daily lives”

Mark Zuckerberg

VIRTUAL REALITY (VR) is the ‘Next Big Thing’ in entertainment, media, social networking, and a whole lot more. According to market research firm TrendForce, VR hardware and software market will grow to USD 70 billion by 2020 from the current less than USD 7 billion. First there was the Internet. Then there were the App stores. Now VR is the next big thing.


VR skills are highly valued and in scarce supply. Resources with these capabilities are in demand across diverse industries – from gaming and medicine to simulations and marketing.


VR has the capability to transform and deliver entire experiences to the human mind seamlessly. It is an opportunity like never seen before. Key applications of VR include:

  • Totally Immersive Gaming with Mixed Reality Development
  • Virtual Retail Stores with Personalized Experiences at Individual Level
  • Real Estate Virtual Walkthrough with Customization Options
  • Data Visualization with Rich Interfaces for Business with Large Data Volumes
  • Cross-Geographic People Interaction for Business & Social Media

This has made VR one of the most sought after skills globally. Virtual Reality Developers can expect a substantial hike in earnings depending on their experience and capabilities.


salary data: payscale.com



  • Qualified Instructor-Driven Learning
  • Exposure to Real-world Projects
  • Simulated learning in VR Lab (on-campus)
  • Career Guidance & Assistance
  • Industry Internships


The certificate program in Virtual Reality aims to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and the practical application of computer graphics. The program features 16 weeks of:

  • Intensive classroom learning to instill rigor, knowledge, technical know-how and an overall perspective of Virtual Reality
  • Real-world exposure in SPJ-HT’s in-house ‘Virtual Reality Lab’ to gain practical experience and develop VR applications
  • Dynamic case studies, classroom discussions, projects and in-depth industry analyses to strengthen the participant’s ability to harness online resources and develop strategies to maximize marketing efforts.

The academic component will be followed by an 8-week industry internship that will help translate the knowledge gained in the first part of the program into actual real-world strategies, the outcome of which will contribute substantially to the achievement level of the learner in the program. Students of the program will also stand to gain from SPH-HT’s tie-ups with Oculus/Facebook, Google Cardboard, Microsoft HoloLens, Epic Games and other technology providers and developers.

Orientation Track

  • Module 1: Introduction to VR/AR
  • Module 2: Production & Execution

VR Beginner Track

  • Module 3: Foundation Programming
  • Module 4: Introduction to Digital Graphics

VR Experts Track

  • Module 5: VR Engines
  • Module 6: Visual & Accelerated Computing
  • Module 7: VR Hardware & Gadgets

Case Track

  • Module 9: Application Cases
  • Minimum composite GRE score of 310 or a qualifying score on SPJ’s Internal CBT
  • Computer Science Degree (Engineering or Regular) with over 1 year of experience
    • Non CS Grads & Freshers with relevant programming experience can also apply
  • Graduate GPA of 2.7 or higher on a 4-point scale or equivalent
  • Working knowledge of a high-level, general-purpose programming language (preferably C++) and of data structures
  • Knowledge of Mathematics, specifically Calculus

On completion of the program, students will have developed a world-class skill set in their selected technology domain that provides ‘Employability Enhancing’ skills and capabilities. It is expected that the program will substantially increase the earning potential and compensation benchmarks of the student.

Candidates can expect to be hired in positions such as:

  • Virtual Reality Specialist
  • Game Developer
  • Augmented Reality Engineer

Salaries for these profiles are on an average 80% higher than Software Programmer jobs with a similar background and experience


Program Fee: INR 750,000

Certification Fee : INR 150,000 (Inclusive of Lab infrastructure)

Total Fee: INR 900,000 (plus Applicable Taxes)


SP Jain School of High Technology & Unity have tied up to setup India’s first Center of Excellence for Virtual Reality. This is a great opportunity for existing & aspiring Virtual Reality professionals to earn a globally recognized world-class certification.

SP Jain School of High Technology-Unity Center of Excellence includes Unity Authorized Training & Certification Center.


Unity Certification Event:

Aspiring developers can take the Unity certification at our pre-scheduled testing day events in April on the following dates:

  1. 25th April 2017
  2. 15th May  2017

Unity Standard Certification Fee – USD 500 plus taxes, as applicable. This includes:

  • Unity Courseware Access USD 250
  • Unity Certification Exam USD 250*

Two attempts are allowed in a calendar year, and a second attempt would be at a 50% discount. Please contact us if you have taken an earlier attempt in the current calendar year to qualify for the discount.


* Candidates must register 4 days before the selected certification date.


Unity Training and Certification Event:

SP Jain School of High Technology delivers Unity accredited instructor-led training in tandem with the certification so as to provide aspiring developers with the requisite preparation and capabilities to successfully complete certification.

The Program includes a 5-day In-Class Workshop by a Unity accredited instructor followed by certification. The certification examination maybe taken either at a scheduled slot on the weekend following the training or at any other scheduled certification event (pre-registration required) within the next 6 months.

The training dates are as follows:

  1. May 1st-5th , 2017 (Certification Dates: May 6-7, 2017)

Program Fees: USD 1,250 plus taxes, as applicable. This includes:

  • 5-Day Unity Accredited Instructor-led In-Class Training USD 750
  • Unity Courseware Access USD 250
  • Unity Certification Exam USD 250*


REGISTER NOW: https://goo.gl/QUj1x5

Classroom Learning and Exposure

Set within the traditional definitions of a classroom, participants are exposed to interactions with specialists and experts in their technological domain. These include both world-class professors and industry leaders who have predominantly worked in the technology space. Participants are expected to discuss varied case studies highlighting both successes & failures in their domains.

Simulated and Real-time Development (Assignments) in the in-house ‘Virtual Reality Lab’

In-house Virtual Reality (VR) lab with VR equipment including an Oculus Rift DK2 with high-end PCs, other VR Head-mounted Displays – HMDs, Wireless controllers, Multi directional treadmill, Force feedback devices, 360 Cameras, CAVE system, Simulators. We bring latest curriculum and academic rigour through tie-ups and follow-ups with Oculus/Facebook, Google Cardboard, Microsoft HoloLens, Epic Games and other technology providers and developers. The students will engage with VR experience, gain practical experience and also develop VR applications.

The VR Lab is structured to be demarcated into 2 high end development studios (for work on high end development servers for final production & publishing) and 4 testing stations (for various categories of human-VR interactions). A majority of hands-on experience / SW development can happen on the individual high end laptops with compatible headsets (HMD). Specifications of laptops and brand of HMDs are standardized to avoid HW/SW compatibility issues and to bring uniform learning experience.

The Industry Internship is a key element of the program that allows students to translate their learning from real world scenario based assignments to an actual real world execution of concepts and ideas.

Students complete the Industry Internship:

  • Students, individually or in teams, pick an industry vertical and product category and create a proposal for a project execution
  • Using the techniques and concepts learnt in the classroom, they are expected to deliver an actionable solution or program for their companies.
  • The company shall judge the success of their deliverables on the basis of milestones that are preset at the start of the internship
  • SPJ will leverage upon its Corporate Relations network to setup internships for students on a best effort basis. However, this is an additional component, if delivered by SPJ, and is not a guaranteed part of the program.